Advanced Study Group

The Advanced Study Group of the University of Hamburg (UHH-ASG) at CFEL pursues a wide variety of scientific goals which are enabled by the new free-electron laser sources. Among those goals are the exploration of the fundamental light-matter interaction induced with short wavelength (Extreme Ultraviolet (XUV) and Soft X-rays) radiation, the study of the ultrafast dynamic response induced by light in atoms, molecules, clusters and solids, and the development of innovative concepts for accelerator-based light sources and imaging particle detection. The experimental program includes work on innovative instrumentation at FLASH as well as at LCLS. A selection of recent key instrumental developments as well as scientific highlights can be found on the web pages of the participating University groups:

Accelerator Physics led by Jörg Rossbach and Florian Grüner including a Junior Research Group led by Juliane Rönsch-Schulenburg

DynamiX & Ultrafast X-ray Physics led by Markus Drescher

Attosecond Research and Science Group led by Thorsten Uphues

Optics led by Michael Rübhausen

Solar Energy led by Wolfgang Eberhardt

Soft X-ray Spectroscopy led by Wilfried Wurth.
Wilfried Wurth is also the speaker of the ASG.


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CFEL is a scientific cooperation of the three organisations:
CFEL is a scientific cooperation of the three organisations:
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